Please use this form below to tell me as much about your day as you can. I realise that it might not be entirely relevant as every wedding is different but hopefully you can use it to let me know where people will be, and when, and what is happening! The more I know about the day in advance the better!

The idea is that I can have a comprehensive timeline so I can put together my own itinerary and ensure I am always in the right place at the right time and that your wedding photography coverage is totally awesome!

(Please specify if you would like myself, second shooter (if applicable) or neither to document this part of the day)

Bouqets/Flowers, Hair stylist, Makeup Artist, Wedding dress & veil designer, Bridesmaid dress designer, Jewellery (rings+ any other jewellery), Grooms attire, Caterer, Wedding cake/cupcakes, DJ/band, videographer, Ceremony Officiant, Invitation designer/printer(bring sample to photograph on wedding day), Decorators, Wedding planner or coordinator && any other vendors you'd like to give a shoutout too ?